ePportfolios can be used for documenting and reflecting on formal or non-formal learning. For example, in the formal setting e-portfolios can be used to record and track attainment of competency in relation to your professional programme. They can be used for continuous assessment components of the module, team based learning, practical learning in workshops and in laboratory settings.

Non-formal learning can occur at any time, for example on your placement or other opportunities organised as part of your course outside of the formal University environment.  Indeed, the e-portfolio is a great way of capturing your learning on placement. Documenting and reflecting on your experience enriches your learning and enables deeper understanding. . This informal learning is sometimes referred to as impromptu learning – it can happen without planned or predetermined learning outcomes. It is as it says – informal. Using an e-portfolio may be one of the only ways to document and appreciate this type of learning. It can be very useful as it encourages you to see the learning in every situation. Moreover, it allows you to capture experiences that are unique to you and advances your personal development.