The following is a brief outline of different types of evidence you can consider supplying. It is may be necessary to use a variety of evidence types in order to depict your experience in a cohesive and convincing fashion.

(a) A written description of what you did in your own words and how it links to the behaviour or competencies you were required to achieve

(b) An image of an artefact, e.g. a photograph of a bandage you placed on a wound (being very careful that you do not breech ethics and patient privacy) or a photograph of the dispensary layout in the pharmacy

(c) A video recording of an event, (ensuring ethics and patient privacy are considered). Informed consent is always sought in advance

(d) A published paper, with essential parts highlighted or specific supporting phrases quoted and put into context to support your own argument.

(e) Suitably sourced YouTube (or otherwise) clips that are properly discussed and integrate into your work to provide evidence of your learning

(f) Artefacts you create yourself to show your learning and development, e.g. PowerPoint presentations, Prezi presentations, videoscribes, screencasts, webpages etc. to demonstrate how you have applied your learning to practice and linked theory to practice.