In many cultures, alcohol is commonly used during social occasions, while in other cultures, use is forbidden. When alcohol use is discussed in a medical consultation, the clinician must be aware of the cultural factors involved.

In western cultures, alcohol use can cause a problem but it is difficult to identify and offer help to people who drink above safe limits.

In Ireland, it is estimated that 30% of men and 22% of women drink more than advised and this can result in harm to the individual and to society.

This webinar produced by a team at University College Dublin addresses problematic drinking and suggests ways of identifying alcohol overuse and how to offer and provide support to reduce intake.

There are various validated tools to help and the webinar demonstrates how they can be used.

They discuss the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, how to read the Audit scores and suggests interventions that includes the FRAMES intervention to help people reduce intake.

Webinar Developed by UCD – Alcohol Use


  1. Using this resource and your experience of listening to senior colleagues construct phrases that you could use when talking with a patient to determine alcohol use
  2. Go to Alcohol Action Ireland to remind yourself of the facts and figures about alcohol use in Ireland
  3. Look at the Alcohols use disorders identification test and think about ways that you could use this.
  4. Where can someone with an alcohol problem gain support?

Further learning:

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