Step 2: Get Started


Questions to ask yourself

» Does my institution have a recommended ePortfolio?

Does my institution have a recommended ePortfolio?

This is something you will have to investigate with your course coordinator; some Higher Education Institutions have a recommended ePortfolio that they will guide you to use. However others have a number of different ePortfolios that they recommend and use. Click here to see some videos of creating an ePortfolio using different applications - Pathbrite, Google Sites, PebblePad and many more applications.

Some ePortfolio platforms are available for free, examples of these include

(a) WordPress,

(b) Using Google Sites to create an ePortfolio,,

(c) Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has its own built in e-Portfolio.

(d) LinkedIn to record and document learning and development and hence it can be considered an ePortfolio.

(e) Weebly

(f) Pathbrite

(g) FolioSpaces

(h) me

(i) PortfolioGen

There are also a number of ePortfolios that charge a fee. Examples include PebblePad, My Knowledge Web, and Halogen. Note, with most ePortfolios, in order to be able to use all of the available features you will need to pay a fee.

The advantages and disadvantages of free and paid subscription ePortfolios are discussed in our comparison of ePortfolios document

Selecting a free on-line ePortfolio, this might be of further help

Creating your own ePortfolio, this document might be a further help


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» What support is available to me?

What support is available to me?

This is a question that should be asked of your course coordinator. Generally if an institution identifies an ePortfolio to be used it will provide training and support on how to use the software. However if you are required to choose your own ePortfolio platform, you may find the sites listed in the previous question useful as they contain information for implementation. In addition discussion with peers and/or the IT services in your institution are likely to be of assistance.


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» Do I need to budget for this in my college finances?

Do I need to budget for this in my college finances?

If you choose to use a free ePortfolio then you should not have to pay, except for the extra features not included in the free version. It is probable that if the institution identifies the platform that you are to use then the features you require will be included.  It is worth bearing in mind that you may be required to use other software, for example to create video material for your ePortfolio. However, this is something to be discussed with your course coordinator.


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If you would like to learn about the reflection aspect of your ePortfolio then go to step 3.