A Summary Evaluation of the Introduction of ePortfolios 2015/2016


Evaluating the impact of your ePortfolio initiative according to Penny, Light, Chen, Ittelson (2012) is necessary to establish if using an ePortfolio was a success. This section includes surveys as well as questions and the procedure of conducting a semi structured focus group interview.  A survey of students and tutors was conducted at the beginning of the implementation to establish participant expectations of engaging with ePortfolios/Portfolios.  On completion a validated survey (modified for meaning) by McNeil and Cam (2011) was conducted to evaluate the implementation, student learning, assessment and feedback and technological support involved with ePortfolios.  The results formed the basis for an in -depth focus group of both tutors and students experiences of Pebble Pad ePortfolio.  Results as they are complied will be posted here.