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Website and PebblePad Testimonials

My name is Aoife Barry and I am a 3rd year General Nursing student in University College Cork. Over the last year I have been using PebblePad to record both my clinical and theoretical learning activities. PebblePad is an online hub that has provided me with the necessary tools to develop and store my nursing knowledge.  PebblePad has allowed me to document my past learning experiences in detail via text documents, pictures and storing articles of relevant nursing information. Due to PebblePads contemporary layout it is user friendly and easy to navigate. My PebblePad experience has been wholly positive and I would highly recommend PebblePad to any student wishing to start an E-Portfolio.

Aoife Barry

As a new user of ePortfolios in an undergraduate programme, the ePrePP website served as an indispensable resource. The website is incredibly user-friendly, simple and easy to navigate with a vast library of useful tutorials in relation to ePortfolio content creation. It is a wonderful resource for future students or staff members wishing to engage in the construction of an ePortfolio as it is possible to visualise other students work who have previously engaged in the process. This was one of my main challenges in relation to ePortfolio creation as I was unsure of what it should look like but with a resource such as the ePrePP website, this challenge is certainly lessened. I am very proud to have my work displayed on the website and I hope that it is of assistance to future students and/or staff members.

Katie O’Sullivan

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