This is something you will have to investigate with your course coordinator; some Higher Education Institutions have a recommended ePortfolio that they will guide you to use. However others have a number of different ePortfolios that they recommend and use.

Some ePortfolio platforms are available for free, examples of these include

(a) WordPress,

(b) Using Google Sites to create an e-Portfolio,,

(c) Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has its own built in e-Portfolio.

(d) LinkedIn to record and document learning and development and hence it can be considered an e-Portfolio.

(e) Weebly

(f) Pathbrite

(g) FolioSpaces

(h) me

(i) PortfolioGen


There are also a number of e-Portfolios that charge a fee. Examples include PebblePad, My Knowledge Web, and Halogen. . Note, with most e-portfolios, in order to be able to use all of the available features you will need to pay a fee.

The advantages and disadvantages of free and paid subscription e-Portfolios are discussed in our comparison of e-Portfolios document (include link)

Selecting a free on-line ePortfolio this might be of further help

Creating your own ePortfolio, this document might be a further help